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Discover a Full Understanding of Math Concepts with Maths Buddy

The My Maths Buddy training program will make your teaching of Maths exciting for your learners, and rewarding and stress free FOR YOU!.

My Maths Buddy Effective Maths Teaching Program

The My Maths Buddy Effective Maths Teaching Program is SACE accredited and after successfully completing our training a Maths teacher will receive a SACE certificate.

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How does maths teacher training work?

Organizing Fill out our request a quote form at the bottom of this page and our consultant will contact you with all information needed to start. Group discounts apply.

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Improving Maths Understanding

Learn Five Effective Ways to help your learners succeed in Maths by creating a path for them to improve their understanding of the subject and really and truly enjoy studying it.

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Preparing Effective Lessons Plans

Prepare for your lessons using the My Maths Buddy resources effectively so that your learners understand what you are teaching them and assimilate the data.

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Overcome lack of interest in Maths

Find out the reasons why learners have a hard time engaging with the subject in the first place and have no interest in it and be able to apply a proven solution to handle this.

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Increasing Maths performance in class

Why your child struggles with maths? My Maths Buddy will help children grasp mathematical concepts thoroughly...

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In education the key is understanding. If one understands something very well one will never fail at it. My Maths Buddy will give your child the understanding of Maths and give a solid foundation for their success.
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